December 6th, 2013, the National Association of European Trainers from the Republic of Moldova (ANTEM) organized a closing conference of the project „E – learning as a way  of  social integration of youth from the Republic of Moldova”, funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova. The project involved the development of an e-learning platform for youth who are members of other ethnic groups and who want  to learn the state language as a way to develop their abilities for their social and professional integration. This concept has innovative features that offer the chance to contribute tofree access of language training services in Moldova.

During the press conference, guests and experts underlined the importance of this project, which primarily reflects the fact that it is the only project of this type held in Moldova for  non-native youth from three regions of our country. The organizers expressed confidence that this project could sustain social integration of beneficiaries in our labor market as well. Mrs. Potâng, the Vice Prime Minister of RM mentioned that this project is a perfect model of communication between central public authorities (Government, Bureau of Interethnic Relations and Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova), between local public authorities and NGOs. She also pointed out that the project is not just an educational one, but firstly it is a social project and all people involved should be congratulated for their work and dedication. Octavian Bodişteanu, the Minister of Youth and Sport, said that the entire team of MYS is proud of their help to achieve such an innovative project, which was able to demonstrate that Romanian language can be studied through an e-learning program, in front of own computer. And finally remembered to  youth who attend this conference, that starting with 2014, they can apply for a grant that would promote their grants. Lucia Cucu, the director of this organization, and Adriana Beniuc, the Project Coordinator, mentioned the main goal of this project that centers around the personal and professional development of the beneficiaries.  They also took the opportunity to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sport for their support of this project.

Tatiana Naghibeda – Tverdohleb, the CEO of GDEYS, came with the proposal of signing a partnership agreement between these two institutions that will  officially permit  the organization of a variety of common projects. At the end of this event a unique activity took place in which participants had the opportunity to present various forms of speeches in Romanian, the language that they recently studied. An award ceremony was organized for all beneficiaries, but the top students received motivational gifts as well.

The conference was attended by Tatiana Potâng, the Vice Prime Minister of Moldova, Octavian Bodişteanu, the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova, Ludmila Burlaca, the Head of the Interethnic  Relations and  Languages Outgoing  from Bureau of Interethnic Relations, Tatiana Naghibeda – Tverdohleb, the CEO of GDEYS, Nicholas Stoyanov, the Vice Head of  Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, experts, teachers, project beneficiaries, and others.

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